Programmes for enterprising talents

Start:up Nova Gorica offers a variety of programmes for innovative and enterprising individuals who wish to find, test, or develop business ideas or who need help in launching their own business. 

Entrepreneurship competition POPRI

Entrepreneurship competition POPRI (the acronym means 'The Company for the Future') is a Slovenian entrepreneurial competition for young people with bold ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. The annual competition has been taking place since 2005, providing young people with an excellent opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial mind-set, creativity, and innovation, thus allowing them to acquire new skills and experience. The competition is divided into three age groups: 1) students and adults, 2) secondary school, 3) primary school (ages 12-15). Young people compete with business ideas that must solve practical problems and show market potential. They need to write down a business model according to modern lean entrepreneurship methods, make MVP (minimum viable product) and test the solution on the market. The best-selected ideas need to be presented in a 3-minute pitch in front of carefully selected judges with entrepreneurial or academic background. The competition concludes with winners’ announcement and awards ceremony. Throughout the competition, various motivational and educational entrepreneurial events are organized by Primorska Technology Park and its partners. Visit or FB page: for more info. 

Entrepreneurship experiment

Entrepreneurship experiment is a series of workshops helping young people to develop entrepreneurial mind-set, analytical thinking focused on problem-solving, innovativeness, creativeness, teamwork skills, communication and negotiation skills, public speaking, and pitching. The workshops which are designed to transform concrete entrepreneurship ideas into successful business model are run by mentors with entrepreneurial background. Entrepreneurial experiment takes place at different locations all over the region, usually in partnership with local schools, youth centres, youth entrepreneurship organizations etc.
Start-up weekend/days Nova Gorica

Start-up weekend/start-up days is a tree-day practical workshop designed mainly for students, graduates, and active talents with business ideas. The event gives its participants the opportunity to form a team, test their idea, acquire modern entrepreneurship knowledge, as well as develop and test their first business model. They are coached by start-up mentors and entrepreneurs-coaches. The workshops end with the participants pitching their ideas, based on which entrepreneurs and potential investors give their feedback. The participants may also win entrepreneurship rewards. 

LevelUP workshops

The present day, with progress happening right before our eyes and formal education providing knowledge that is not sufficiently target-oriented, urges everyone to be prepared to lifelong learning and training. With this in mind, we have decided to organise monthly LevelUP workshops on various topics, which allow individuals and entrepreneurs to acquire specific knowledge which is indispensable and considered a key component of entrepreneurial literacy. LevelUP workshops are the best way to upgrading one’s knowledge and competences that every one of us needs, whether they choose to be an entrepreneur or an employee. 

Business Meetups Nova Gorica 

Business Meetups Nova Gorica is a series of networking meetings spreading entrepreneurship knowledge, experiences, ideas, and opportunities. The formal part of the event is an interview with a guest (a successful entrepreneur, manager or start-up, investor, mentor etc.). Business Meetups Nova Gorica is organized once a week (usually every third Thursday) in the centre of Nova Gorica at Café Gallus. We welcome everyone who wants to meet new people, network, gain new knowledge, listen to people’s entrepreneurial and business stories, and share knowledge as well as any potential business opportunities.

Business consulting

We provide business consulting services to enterprising individuals and teams, supporting them through the process of developing their business idea as well as through launch, growth, and global breakthrough of their start-up business. The consulting services are delivered by internal mentors of the Primorska Technology Park and by outsourced entrepreneurs and experts with years of entrepreneurial, discipline-specific, and start-up experience. Consulting services are designed for anyone that needs direction, advice, fresh ideas, and constructive criticism, helping individuals overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship faster and easier. Business consulting services also include information on the availability of different types of funding for the start-up, development, and growth of enterprises, contacts with angel and other investors, existing entrepreneurs and companies in the area, and motivation.   

National programmes

Start:up Nova Gorica is a member of the Start:up Slovenia Initiative, which brings together principal stakeholders of Slovenia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering a number of programmes at the national level, to support talented individuals and start-up companies. Learn more:

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Programmes for start-up companies

We provide start-up teams with excellent business programmes, mentorship, and first-hand experience of both entrepreneurs and investors, along with the possibility of partaking in entrepreneurial events and media recognition.   

Start-up mentorship

Start-up mentorship

Within the framework of pre-incubation and incubation programmes of the Primorska Technology Park, we provide support to enterprising individuals, start-up teams, and start-up companies throughout the development of their start-up idea and business model, setting-up their business, its development, market entry and rapid global growth. The support is provided by internal mentors within the Technology Park, based on modern methodologies of lean entrepreneurship. Keeping in mind the start-up’s stage of development, we advise entrepreneurs on their participation in available programmes, which provide them with access to specific knowledge, experience, capital (angel and other investors, venture capital funds, and sources of public finance), external start-up mentors, and potential customers, and which facilitate foreign market entry. Further, we bring together start-up companies with knowledge institutions, R&D institutions, investors, and existing business base. Are you interested in incubation or pre-incubation programmes? Call us on M: +386 41 241 663 (Mitja Mikuž) or e-mail us at

Start-up Consulting Day

Consulting Day is a great opportunity for start-up companies to showcase their entrepreneurship project to experienced local entrepreneurs, outlining the challenges and plans, and get feedback and ideas on how to further develop, improve, or upgrade their projects. Consulting Day is an event hosted by Primorska Technology Park and dedicated primarily to start-up companies that have been admitted to the business incubator of the technology park. This event also provides excellent networking opportunities, bringing together start-up managers and established local entrepreneurs. 

Start-up school Nova Gorica

Start-up school is a programme comprising several modules based on lean start-up methodologies. This programme provides individuals, start-up teams, and start-up companies with a contemporary knowledge base for building a business model for their company, which will enable the participants of start-up school to define exactly what, to whom, and at what price they can sell. The programme provides an opportunity for a re-examination of business ideas and their starting points, gives answers to the questions whether an idea and its original business model make sense and how they could be amended and improved. The course draws from concrete cases of the course participants, the entire process being guided and tutored by selected start-up mentors and coaches.   

National programmes

Start:up Nova Gorica, which is a member of the Start:up Slovenia Initiative, brings together key stakeholders within Slovenia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and houses, at the national level, a variety of start-up assistance programmes, such as Start:up Roadshow, Start:up of the Year, Start:up Geek House, Go:global Slovenia accelerator, PODIM conference etc. Learn more:
Start:up Roadshow Nova Gorica

Roadshow events are daily workshops taking place across Slovenia, which are dedicated to anyone who wishes to develop their business ideas supported by local and national programmes. The workshops include coaching and personal consulting, through which individuals can get answers to the most frequent questions and dilemmas concerning decisions related to participation in start-up programmes. Start:up Roadshow Nova Gorica provides an excellent opportunity for individuals, teams, and enterprises with innovative ideas and global growth potential, who seek information or advice on how to access funds for successful launch and development of an enterprise, why partake in entrepreneurship programmes and competitions, and where to acquire the necessary knowhow and experience for a faster business development. Learn more:
National competition Start:up Slovenia

Start:up Slovenia is intended for start-up companies under three years old, which are in the ‘problem-solution’ development stage and require expert and media support and access to private investors, potential partners, and public sources of finance. Throughout the competition, entrepreneurial teams enjoy an intense level of knowledge acquisition and networking, enabled through a number of competition events. The competition closes with a ceremony within the framework of the PODIM conference, where competition winners are announced. The organisation and the execution of the competition is the responsibility of a network of entities within the Slovenian and international start-up ecosystem, which is also important in the light of promotion and support to the participants in the competition. The entity that provides support to competition applicants within Start:up Nova Gorica is Primorska Technology Park. Learn more:
PODIM conference

PODIM is an intense educational and motivational entrepreneurial experience, and one of the largest conferences on entrepreneurship in the Alpe-Adria region. It is an event that no true entrepreneur or intrapreneur should miss. Every year, it offers two days of intensive training and networking opportunities. Internationally esteemed guests present the latest knowledge for building new global technological ventures and developing intrapreneurship in established companies in a series of roundtables, lectures and workshops, from the practical as well as academic point of view. Conference keynotes, talks, and lectures are aimed at presenting modern and state-of-the-art findings in the field of entrepreneurship. The lectures are tailored to the topic of each year’s conference. Learn more:
Start:up Geek House

The Start:up Geek House accelerator is an opportunity for everyone to achieve greater and faster progress in the development of a start-up company, assisted by capital, up-to-date knowhow, and the support of consultants, successful entrepreneurs, and mentors. Along with a 3-month Start:up Geek House BootCamp (intense coaching programme), cooperation with start-up mentors, space within co-working communities Start:up Geek House across Slovenia (in Nova Gorica within the Primorska Technology Park), personal adviser from the technology park, and international integration and recognition, the accelerator provides many selected start-up teams with access to capital, in collaboration with the Slovenian Entrepreneurship Fund and the public tender ‘SK75 – Seed Capital €75,000’. Learn more:
Go:global Slovenia

The Go:global Slovenia accelerator offers companies that have already found their product/market fit all the elements they need to successfully embark on rapid global growth, both in the form of capital as well as in the form of know-how and international connections. The accelerator 's offering includes a €200,000 equity investment of public funds, getting the company ready for an investment, our global growth programme, a start-up mentor, and administrative assistance. Learn more:

Scientific Evenings at University of Nova Gorica  

For many years, the University of Nova Gorica has been organising lectures titled Scientific Evenings, at which distinguished scientists or entrepreneurs from Slovenia and abroad present their scientific achievements. The lectures are intended for researchers, students as well as for general audience, since their aim is to familiarise the audience with science and help them understand the scientific thought. The topics presented cover various fields, such as natural sciences,  engineering, environmental sciences, medicine, humanities and social sciences. Each lecture, given by a prominent Slovene or foreign scientist or entrepreneur, is followed by a guided discussion.
To promote science in a more efficient manner, our Scientific Evenings take place at the Lanthieri mansion in Vipava six to eight times per year. Videorecordings of the lectures are also available on the website of the University of Nova Gorica: as well as on the Youtube channel of the University of Nova Gorica:

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