Co-working space: Bridge 85

The co-working space in our building is suitable for the new working trend practised by independent professionals. Those are mostly freelancers, members of start-up teams, or individuals possessing specific knowhow, who can, due to the nature of their work, work anywhere. Our co-working space is located in the building of Primorska Technology Park in Vrtojba. For a reasonable lease fee, the user can get a working space with a desk, a chair and access to high-speed internet, along with the possibility of using the conference room free of charge. The internal library provides access to literature on entrepreneurship. Along with the inviting interior design of the working space you are offered a full-on experience including interesting and useful LevelUP workshops, mentorship or coaching hosted by Primorska Technology Park, and various social events. Our co-working offices provide a peaceful and productive working environment. For any of the more creative meetups, however, you can use function or conference rooms. Would you like to rent a space in our co-working? Call us on M: +386 41 241 663 (Mitja Mikuž) or e-mail us at

Start:up Geek House

Start:up Geek House,  a common workspace in Primorska Technology Park is a perfect spatial solution for start-up companies at an early stage of development. Having one’s own office early into the company’s development is often (too) expensive and normally boring, while working from home, on the other hand, might be rather unproductive and dull. The shared working space includes several working units, each furnished with a desk, a chair and a cabinet and free high-speed internet access. Lessees can also use the conference room free of charge. The highly creative setting of Primorska Technology Park gives an extra boost to creativity, promotes co-operation, and allows individuals and groups to efficiently develop their innovative ideas. Do you want to participate? Call us on M: +386 41 241 663 (Mitja Mikuž) or e-mail us at

Offices, warehouses, and workshops

Primorska Technology Park houses modern and furnished space for start-up companies and other hi-tech, innovative, development, consulting or support companies and institutions. The building is located near the Slovenian-Italian border, close to the access and exit point to Ljubljana-Venice highway and near the centres of two neighbour towns of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia (Italy). The premises extend over more than 5,000 square metres and include offices, workshops, warehouses, common areas, conference rooms, and function rooms/lecture rooms. You can lease offices of various sizes (15-100 m2), or opt for one or more offices including those that are joined together. Storages and workshops of 100 to up to 450 square metres are located in the basement, providing easy access to trucks. We also provide the option of high-speed internet (optics) and a phone line, as well as free Wi-Fi in common areas. There is a 24/7 access to the premises, which include a large free parking space in front of the building. Primorska Technology Park already houses 60 companies which combined employ over 130 experts. A quarter of the entrepreneurs and the employees in Primorska Technology Park are Italian citizens, so day-to-day communication takes place in three languages – Slovenian, English, and Italian. There is also a daily bar in the building, providing an excellent meeting point for entrepreneurs and employees who can enjoy great coffee, croissants, sandwiches and drinks. Are you interested in leasing a space in Primorska Technology Park? Call us on M: +386 30 653 311 (Simon Marinič) or e-mail us at

Conference rooms and function rooms

The office building housing Primorska Technology Park provides plenty of space for business meetups, conferences, seminars, workshops, and training sessions. The available rooms include a conference room that sits up to 16 people, two small 66-seat function rooms, and a large 118-seat lecture hall. All function rooms are equipped with a projector, screen, whiteboards, sound system, and a multimedia device. In addition, there is free Wi-Fi in the rooms and common areas. The technology park is ideal for hosting both national and international events, as it is located near the Slovenian-Italian border, close to the access and exit point to Ljubljana-Venice highway and near the centres of two neighbour towns of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia (Italy). Nearby there are four international airports, namely, Venice, Treviso, Trieste, and Ljubljana, the latter being less than 30 km away. There is free parking available in front of the building. Check the available terms and book a place to host your event. Call us on M: +386 30653311 (Simon Marinič) or e-mail us at



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