Matija Klinkon, Led Luks d.o.o.

Electrical engineer with a university degree and a connoisseur of LED-based lighting who loves to spend his free time taking photos and whose role model is Italian entrepreneur who is also the investor in his company. Matija, CEO of the start-up company LED LUKS d.o.o. bets on ingenuity, developing with his young team of colleagues LED lighting units based on specific market demand.
His first major project was about lighting
Already during his academic years as a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana Matija tried himself in various jobs that gained him useful experience. He was attracted from very early on to jobs that were related to lighting, which has helped him acquire a good amount of knowhow and many valuable contacts. His major challenge, as a student, was managing a project which involved the development of entire exterior lighting units for the Perla casino in Nova Gorica. In 2004, while he was still a student, he joined a team of Italian partners, establishing a joint company located within Primorska Technology Park. The company was involved with the development of wireless control systems but closed down later on due to insufficient customer demand. As Matija does not come from an entrepreneurial company, these were his first steps into the business world. He soon signed a €100,000 contract for the development of wireless fingerprint door lock for a Ljubljana-based company. And since the system was in fact developed, patented, and installed in a hotel in Monaco, he considers this particular project to be his greatest success up to date.  Later on and with a new set of partners, Matija gave another go at wireless control systems, hoping the market had changed in the meantime, and set up a new company which is unfortunately in the process of shutdown, not having achieved any particular success. During that time, Matija also worked for an Italian company which engaged in LED lighting, and later for the Slovenian company Intra Lighting d.o.o. where he learned a lot about LED lighting and lights in general. Although he wanted to have his own business, one of the reasons being his want of independence, he firmly believes in the importance of the knowledge he gained through his competent superiors.
Establishing his own company with his role model
His experience and knowhow in LED lighting led him to wanting his own company which would develop LED lighting products based on specific market demands. Italian entrepreneur Dino Feragotto, who is among other things Matija’s role model, became the investor or the so-called business angel in the company LED LUKS that develops various LED lighting products for industry and commercial facilities. Matija believes in a team with no superiors or inferiors, guided by autonomy, self-initiative, and diligence. His as well as his investor’s goal is for the company to list on the Milan (IT) stock exchange. If he could turn back the time, he would definitely once again decide to become an entrepreneur, however, he might focus on establishing a company in North Europe or MiddleEast, as he considers these parts of the world to have more growth potential.
Ingenuity as a fundamental entrepreneurial value
An entrepreneur needs to be daring and above all ingenuous. The ingenuity will fill in the gaps when, owing to the rapidly changing market, the established set of business rules no longer suffice. But we cannot neglect the fact that it is very much important that an entrepreneur has the right connections and acquaintances. And when trouble comes, they also need to be motivated to take up new challenges to break the monotony that might be so characteristic of some other areas of life. That contributes to the success and drive of entrepreneur who, according to Matija, is someone who is able to generate more revenues than expenditures each month and provide financial resources for the company’s expansion and development. While he does not consider himself to be an extremely successful entrepreneur yet, he does feel that about certain fellow entrepreneurs from the Goriška region (e.g. Marino Furlan from Intra Lighting d.o.o., Rok Uršič from Instrumental Technologies d.d., Peter Černe from Business Solutions) who have created their companies from scratch.  
Continuous learning
It is imperative to follow the developments regarding LED lighting and entrepreneurship in general on a daily basis. Matija likes to take up new languages and learn about different countries, people, and cultures, in particular those he travels to on business. In line with contemporary trends, he also reads books on lean and agile entrepreneurship. And to avoid his life being all about LED lighting he likes to take some time off for photography or trekking, whenever his schedule allows (he laughingly admits that he has less and less free time), and for hanging out with his friends. 


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