Foundation year: 2014
The logo MINI POLIGLOTINI represents five books in five languages (each colour a different language), which together form a balloon. On the wings of language skills the balloon takes a boy and a girl up to the air and gives them new perspectives of the world. The wider view of the world is the main advantage of multilingual people.
Mojca Stubelj Ars has a PhD in Environmental Sciences. She loves spending time in nature and she writes, sings and creates in many other ways. The love for nature and animals ever since her childhood eventually brought her to become an ecologist and cynologist. Now that she is a mother, she adores children as well. Mojca speaks several languages, likes visual art and is dyslexic. In her childhood dyslexia was a big obstacle, but today she takes it as a gift. Mojca lives in Goriška Brda, Slovenia, where she and her husband raise their son in the Slovenian and English languages.
Naja Simčič is finishing her studies at the Academy for Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana where her special field of interest is illustration and photography. She became enthusiastic about drawing at an early age when she first discovered the world of colours and shapes. Naja prefers drawing fairy-tale heroes and heroines who she imbues with life and shape. In her free time she bikes and hikes in mountains. She loves nature very much, especially flowers. Her favourite animals are rabbits of all colours and sizes.
Our goal is for MINI POLIGLOTINI books to be enjoyed by children and adults alike, to inspire them to talk, create, play and learn languages at an early age.
The texts of MINI POLIGLOTINI books are always presented in a combination of three languages. The idea is to encourage early language learning and multilingualism and to contribute to the intercultural awareness and integration of children and adults. We encourage intergenerational participation and would be very pleased if grandparents would use our books to pass quality time with their grandchildren. The design of the book(s) conforms with the recommendations of British Dyslexia Association and as such is particularly suited to the learning and practice of native and foreign languages. We donate part of the profit to an organization that implements welfare programs for children.
At MINI POLIGLOTINI we envision to become the world's leading brand of books and didactic games for early-age language learning. Children around the world will be learning foreign languages in an innovative and playful way with books, toys and applications MINI POLIGLOTINI.




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