Editor d.o.o.
The Solkan-based company EDITOR d.o.o. has been established as a web agency, the core activity of which is the development of online solutions, continuously increasing their number as well as complexity. The company initially designed websites and later developed their own contents management (CMS) solutions and got involved with e-commerce solutions. Over the recent years, EDITOR has added several other products and services to their portfolio, including e-business solutions, online B2B tools, and other business applications. The company takes pride in continuously pushing the envelope and introducing global trends to local environment. More...
Foundation year: 2001
NETO d.o.o.
NETO d.o.o. is a company providing top quality business consulting services to Slovenian and foreign physical and legal entities that wish to move their business in or out of Slovenia. The Nova Gorica-based company was established in 2011. More...
Foundation year: 2011
Led Luks d.o.o.
The Vrtojba-based LED LUKS is a young, high-tech, and innovative company developing new LED-based products for office and industry lighting. It was established in 2013 and has its premises in the Primorska Technology Park office building. More...
Foundation year: 2013
MINI POLIGLOTINI multilingual books for children encourage early language learning and multilingualism. The texts of MINI POLIGLOTINI books are always presented in a combination of three languages. The books are dyslexia friendly. Books include a fairy tale, picture dictionary, didactic material, social game and didactic game. More...
Foundation year: 2014
Foundation year: 2014
Foundation year: 2007
Foundation year: 2015
LinkedAge / Socinet d.o.o.
Foundation year: 2011
Foundation year: 0
Foundation year: 2012


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